Peter Bird 
​​In 1999 I was certified in Shiatsu therapy at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts. Shiatsu fascinated me, but I found it perplexing, like learning a new language. I soon discovered a way to read between the lines and let my intuition guide me through. This was the beginning of my career in the massage world but has remained one of the cornerstones of my practice.
To be able to relate this complex and culturally different understanding of an ancient technique to my western clients, I found I needed a stronger foundation in western bodywork to help lessen the cultural gap. Japanese terms being unfamiliar to most westerners, I was looking for ways to help explain energetic phenomena to a culture which had no words to describe or acknowledge them. I decided to return to the Desert Institute to study Western massage. I found a new love of anatomy and physiology as well as an acceptable set of terms to help explain some of the subtle mysteries of the body.
Still feeling somewhere in the middle, I felt somewhat lacking in my efforts to convey certain eastern concepts. This struggle is what ultimately brought me to study in Thailand. There, I found validation in what had always been at the center of my approach towards bodywork. The Thai's focus on the practitioner's intention and ability to “let go” being their foundation was inspiring. Instead of trying to steer the outcome, I was given the freedom to “allow the work to evolve”.
This concept, while scary at first, is the essence of Thai massage.

We instruct interactive, intuitive group and one-on-one classes in the Thai healing arts and provide personalized Thai free-style bodywork sessions.
Our aim is to integrate eastern concepts of bodywork and healing with western students and clientele to help unlock their intuitive potential through bodywork. We take a unique approach to bodywork and instruction by getting beyond cultural interpretations and misunderstandings.
Through years of experience we have learned, it's all in the approach. A relaxed mental state is essential to truly give or receive a beneficial massage. This state allows the body's natural healing processes to work. We have worked with thousands of diverse people over the years and noticed a majority that may have trouble understanding the foundation of these concepts and approach. We coach our students and clients to recognize the concept of letting go and what that may feel like within themselves in order to deepen their understanding of healing and intuitive potential through bodywork.

Two Birds Thai Bodyworks, LLC was founded by Peter Bird and Melanie Eldridge. We met at Miraval in Tucson, Arizona. There we practiced energy/bodywork, co-created treatments, trained therapists and ultimately created and developed Naga Thai massage. 


​​​Melanie Eldridge
My bodywork journey truly began in childhood, but officially, let’s say it started in 1999 at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in Tucson, AZ. Once out of school I began with private practice. For years I provided Swedish massage, deep tissue trigger point therapy, reflexology, reiki, ayurvedic massage, chi nei tsang, spa-type body treatments and the list goes on. I was yearning for a true path of focus. Passing time revealed it to be the Thai healing arts.
I had been receiving regular Thai bodywork treatments and felt it was the most beneficial, well rounded style of bodywork I had found. I was interested in learning about it more intimately but the “moves”, positions and pressure points, not to mention learning to work on a mat on the floor, all seemed physically difficult and rather intimidating. Those fears soon dissolved upon finding the right teachers. I learned “the secret” to Thai bodywork was relaxation, feeling, intention and letting go, not the “moves” I had been so initially intimidated by. Finding the creativity involved in this style of work was incredibly freeing.
Thai healing arts have been a life changing discovery! Not only have they created a foundation for my bodywork practice, but have played an essential role in my own journey of personal discovery and healing. Travels to Thailand over the years led to studies with a nuad boran Master, as well as various mentors of traditional healing methods. Spending time with beloved teachers, students and clientele I’ve learned to listen and sense, using intuition, experience and metta as a guide throughout the work. A foundation in Western/Eastern theories and experience allows me to integrate the two seamlessly, resulting in an individualized holistic consideration of your needs with each evolving session.


Thai Bodyworks, LLC