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hermit yoga session

90 minutes $85   120 minutes $105

Each private session begins with 15-20 minutes of Thai bodywork to warm up. Includes meditation instruction as well as a personalized hermit yoga routine you can use to continue your practice at home. Ask about our north shore discount for locals!

hermit yoga

Discover the lifelong benefits of an ancient art of self-healing. Reusi dat ton or hermit yoga, as we lovingly call it, combines meditation and breath-work with dynamic, mindful movement to boost your body’s natural healing process and bring you into balance. It is a system of postures with stretching, cleansing breath work, self-massage, and meditation. This practice is intended to be performed as a daily routine to help reverse imbalances that may occur due to mental, emotional or physical stresses, as well as keep you energized and balanced throughout your day. Gain a sense of internal and external elasticity by grounding and reconnecting your heart, mind, and body through hermit yoga.

Reusi dat ton is a practice from Thailand that roughly translates to ascetic or hermit self-healing, stretching or adjusting. The most common hermit yoga exercises practiced today are based on statues and original drawings with metaphorical descriptions of each exercise. You may notice some hermit yoga exercises feel similar to the stretches and movements during Thai bodywork. These similarities make Thai bodywork and hermit yoga a perfect complement to one another. Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move and stretch. Private and group classes are available. By appointment only. ***Always consult your physician before starting any exercise program.