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March 29, 2019



January 24, 2019

Luk pra kob is Thai herbal poultice used in traditional medicine and to enhance Thai bodywork. The poultice is filled with medicinal herbs and rhizomes, steamed or cooled, then applied to the body using various techniques combined with massage. A holistic therapy that aids in our natural healing process. The combination of heat or cold with medicinal herbs and massage helps to relax the muscles and calm the mind, stimulate blood circulation and stagnant energy flow, as well as reduce inflammation, aches and pains, condition the skin, treat bruises, soreness, and joint stiffness. The list of benefits goes on!
Use luk pra kob to enhance your sessions! Learn various massage techniques using the Thai poultice that you can add to any style of body or energy work that you already do. We will introduce commonly used herbs and rhizomes, recipes and uses, then practice massage applications for several common ailments. All techniques practiced are adaptable to table and floor work. Participants will receive two poultices to use and a handbook including poultice recipes and illustrated instructions for the various massage techniques we practice during the workshop. Bring a couple of pillows, sheets and plenty of drinking water. We keep our classes small for your benefit. Space is limited to 12. Reserve your spot today!

Peter Bird and Melanie Eldridge have combined 40 years of experience practicing and instructing in the healing arts and bring metta, patience and compassion, which is at the heart of our bodywork style, to each class. Our style of practice and instruction is reflective of our time spent with beloved Master Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme in Hang Dong, Thailand.

Tucson, AZ                                     Luk Pra Kob Massage 7 CEs

Thai Healing Alliance International


February 28, 2019


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