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Thai For Two       

Two Birds believes that anyone can do Thai massage with the right foundation. We’ve created a partnered session that will give you the tools to help treat common muscle aches and pains at home through giving and receiving this compassionate form of ancient healing. We are your guide as you work your way around the body, dissolving tension, pains and relieving everyday stresses for your partner. You'll discover the subtle, non-verbal ways that we can communicate with one another throughout the session. Each Thai for Two is tailored to you and your partners’ needs. We can focus on your specific trouble spots or create a general treatment for full body relaxation. No massage experience required because a certain trust will already be established based on your relationship. Great for couples, family and friends. Please be advised: If you have trouble sitting and rising from the floor, Thai for Two may present a challenge for you. Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move and stretch. 90 & 120 min. 

Private and group classes available. Contact us for pricing, info or to schedule and appointment.


Thai Massage       

​Thai massage therapy or nuad Thai is one of the branches of traditional Thai medicine. This therapeutic system is used to help your body, mind and spirit reconnect and facilitate its own healing process in a relaxing, grounding, yet energizing way. A seamless blend of acupressure, broad pressure, energy work, joint mobilization, stretching, and holding techniques will help you relax, realign, increase range of motion and flexibility, clear blockages, as well as stimulate and nourish energy lines and pressure points. The pressure can range from gentle to deep, depending on your needs at the time. Nuad Thai encourages a discovery of awareness on a physical and energetic level.  We bring compassion and metta, which is the heart of nuad Thai, along with knowledge, confidence and many years of experience to each session, creating an environment of trust that allows you to truly let go or be fully engaged in the process. Nuad Thai is suitable for all ages and physicality, regardless of your level of daily activity, flexibility or mobility and can easily compliment any other ongoing therapy. We provide nuad Thai general therapy treatments and treatments that address specific concerns such as chronic pain management, mobility issues, injury recovery and more. Thai bodywork is performed on a specialized mat on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move and stretch. 90 & 120 min. Contact us for pricing, info or to schedule and appointment.

Reusi Dat Ton/Hermit Yoga     

Discover the lifelong benefits of an ancient art of self-healing. Reusi dat ton combines unique breathing techniques with dynamic movement in order to boost your body’s natural healing processes. It is a system of postures with stretching, cleansing breath work, self-massage and meditation. This practice is intended to be performed as a daily routine to help reverse imbalances that may occur due to mental, emotional or physical stresses, as well as keep you energized and balanced throughout your day. Gain a sense of internal and external elasticity by grounding and reconnecting your heart, mind and body through reusi dat ton.
Reusi dat ton is a practice from Thailand that roughly translates to ascetic/hermit self-healing/stretching/adjusting. We call it Hermit Yoga! The most common hermit yoga exercises that are practiced today are based on statues and original drawings with metaphorical descriptions of each exercise. You may notice some hermit yoga exercises feel similar to the stretches and movements during Thai bodywork. These similarities make Thai bodywork and reusi dat ton/hermit yoga a perfect complement to one another. Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move and stretch.

90 & 120 min. Private and group classes available.

Contact us for pricing, info or to schedule and appointment.
***Cautions: Cardiac problems, hypertension, injury, broken bones.

***Always consult your physician before starting any exercise regimen.