*Additional travel fee may occur based on location.

Rates above apply to Minnesota studio only.

Thai for Two

120 minutes $200

We’ve created a partnered session that will give you the tools to help treat common muscle aches and pains at home through giving and receiving a compassionate form of ancient healing. No massage experience needed. We are your guide as you work your way around the body, dissolving tension and relieving everyday stress for your partner, as well as yourself. Discover the subtle, non-verbal ways of communicating with one another while learning simple bodywork techniques that you can easily use at home. Each Thai for Two session is tailored to you and your partners’ needs. We can focus on specific trouble spots or create a general treatment for full body relaxation. No massage experience is required because a certain trust is already established based on your relationship. Great for couples, family, and friends. Private and group classes are available and require at least two people. You both will be giving and receiving massage. Rate above includes two people per session and each will receive an illustrated instruction booklet to continue practicing at home. Please be advised: If you have trouble kneeling on the floor this session may present a challenge for you. Connect with us for more info.

Thai Bodywork Therapy

Thai bodywork is one aspect of the Thai people's traditional medicine approach. It's used to help your body, mind, and spirit reconnect and facilitate its own healing process in a relaxing, grounding, yet energizing way. A seamless blend of acupressure, compression, energy work, joint mobilization, stretching, and holding techniques will help you relax, realign, increase your range of motion and flexibility, clear blockages, as well as stimulate and nourish energy pathways. The pressure can range from gentle to deep, depending on your needs at the time. Thai bodywork encourages discovery of awareness on a physical and energetic level. We bring compassion and metta, which is the heart of Thai bodywork, along with knowledge, creativity, confidence and many years of experience to each session, creating an environment of trust that allows you to truly let go while being fully engaged in the process. Thai bodywork is suitable for all ages and physicality, regardless of your level of daily activity, flexibility or mobility and can easily complement any other ongoing therapy. We provide Thai bodywork for general well-being as well as sessions that address specific concerns such as chronic pain management, mobility issues, injury recovery and more. Thai bodywork is performed while you're fully clothed, on a comfy specialized futon on the floor. Wear comfortable workout or yoga attire. If you forget, don't worry we've got you covered! In-studio and cabin call sessions by appointment only. First come, first served, at any of our outdoor locations. Follow us on social media for location announcements.

​Cabin Call
90 minutes $145   120 minutes $175

We'll bring our comfy Thai massage futon and expert skills and you'll clear a space for our session in the comfort of your own cabin, home or vacation rental. We offer single appointments, two at a time, or back to back sessions. Perfect for singles, couples, groups, retreats, workshops or any event you may be holding. Price and session length may vary for groups of 3 or more. We'll work with your timing and budget. Connect with us for more info. The rate above includes a single session and one time $25 travel fee*. 

Thai Bodywork Therapy Session

60 minutes $85   90 minutes $120   120 minutes  $150 

A one on one in-studio therapeutic bodywork session. We'll talk about your aches and pains then tailor the treatment for your specific needs. Treatments can vary from deep tissue to gentle relaxation and everything in between. 90 minutes is recommended for your first visit, especially if it's your first time receiving Thai bodywork. Ask about our north shore discount for locals!

Barter & Trade for Bodywork

​Trade your goods or services for bodywork! We want everyone to benefit from the healing that body and energy work can provide, no matter your budget. We will barter for trade or negotiate a discounted rate based on your individual situation. Connect with us and we will find a solution that works for everyone. 

​much more than a massage

an alternative massage​


Happy Hips
60 minutes $85

This focus session is all about the hips and legs! The upper back, neck, and shoulders need well-balanced support from underneath.  Discover the connection between your upper and lower body and see what realigning the hips can do for you.