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February 4, 2019

an alternative massage​

Learn the basic foundations in our 1-day course which will provide you a solid stepping stone into Thai bodywork. This introductory class will teach you the fundamental techniques of Thai massage along with some history, cultural aspects and self-care. We will practice several techniques for common tension patterns and introduce the Thai energetic system and a few common acupressure points. Along with these, we’ll touch on reusi dat ton (Thai yoga) for self-care, the importance of self-care, verbal and non-verbal communicating, and using intention and intuition in this hands-on, relaxed learning experience. This is the perfect class if you've been curious about dipping your toes into the versatile world of Thai healing arts but aren't quite ready to make a commitment. 

All techniques will be practiced in the traditional style, fully clothed, on a mat on the floor. Wear comfy workout or yoga attire you can move and stretch in. Bring a couple of pillows, sheets and plenty of drinking water. Contact us if you have your own Thai mat or futon to bring. We keep our classes small for your benefit. Space is limited to 12. Reserve your spot today!

Peter Bird and Melanie Eldridge have combined 40 years of experience practicing and instructing in the healing arts and bring metta, patience and compassion, which is at the heart of Thai bodywork, to each class. Our style of practice and instruction is reflective of our time spent with beloved Master Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme in Hang Dong, Thailand. 

Tucson, AZ                     Thai Massage Basics: The Fundamentals

7 CEs


January 17, 2019


March 4, 2019

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